Tips to guide you when moving to a dorm

Move in dorm

Going off to college and moving away from your home to a dorm is exciting. You are probably thinking of all new opportunities that go hand in hand with your new life. You will expand your knowledge and learn new things, you will meet new friends and just enjoy your college life. All of this sounds great, but this change has its different side too. Since you are overwhelmed by positive thoughts and feeling, you haven’t probably still thought about the moving process, taking care of paperwork, finding a room, movers, packing and other. Well, you will at some point. It takes a lot of time and effort to organize a removal, whether you are moving just down the street or to a different country. When moving to college, you need to plan and organize your removal since you will be moving almost all essential items to a dorm room. Here are few tips and trick how to organize your dorm removal and carry out is in a successful and hassle-free way. Check them out.

Is it too complicated for you?

Move in dormMoving away from your family for the first time is not a simple task for you. You probably have no moving experience and yet there are so many moving tasks to take care of. You might feel lost and confused and just do not know where to start. Luckily, your parents are there and are willing to provide any help you need. Let them help you plan your removal so that you start a chapter in your life with no hassle.

Moreover, the separation from your family and your friends can be hard. Some of your friends will choose the same college while majority will move to different cities. Also, moving away from your parents is not easy as they have been there to take care of you your entire life. Now you need to learn how to be independent and take care of yourself. Instead of thinking about these things and worrying how you will handle all the changes, try to focus on positive things. Focus on the upcoming opportunities and new life experiences. College time is one of the best times in a student life so focus on positive things.

Start preparing early

Before you make any moving plans, take some time to get to know the area, college campus, your room, etc. You need to know what to expect. Also, contact the Housing Department to learn what documentation you need or to see how furnished your room is. You do not want to pack and transport items you already have in the room. Just be informed. After you get necessary information, you should contact man and van companies and compare prices. Do your research and find a reliable, reputable and affordable company. A qualified moving crew in London will make all arrangements to ensure safe and secure transportation of your belongings to a dorm room.

Meet your roommate

If you have a roommate, you should contact him/her and introduce yourselves. It is a good idea to meet and talk about yourselves and your expectations. This is a person you will be spending a lot of time with and you should get together to talk about how to prepare your room and equip it with appliances, toiletries, and other. Talk about what you will bring so that he/she doesn’t have to. Make plans that will help you be more organized. Normally, you will have enough time to get to know each other after you start living together.

Start packing

Packing peanutsAfter you have seen how furnished your room is and after you talked to your roommate, you can start packing. You are aware of the fact that you need to choose what to take. You cannot take everything with you. Well, you will take most of your staff but you will also need to buy some new as well. Perhaps you will need new clothes, or a new microwave, so research a bit to find stores that offer discounts. Moreover, you should think about finding these stores near to your dorm room after you arrive in order to save money on movers as you won’t need to pay them to move these new items.

Ask your parents to help you pack. Keep in mind that dorm rooms are pretty small so you will have no room for unnecessary things. You have probably talked to your roommate so you will avoid duplicates in your room. Be wise and don’t pack all your clothes. Pack only items you will wear during in the following few months. You will have enough time to switch seasonal clothes later. Also, you are familiar with dorm rules so you know what items are forbidden there. Do not pack those with you.

Hiring movers

Choosing the right movers is crucial for a successful relocation. To avoid unexpected situations, delays, breakdowns and other, hire a London man with van team – professional and experienced. It is important that you hire them on time and book your removal. You will be probably moving in fall, which is a peak season. Companies have a lot of work during this period so make sure you make arrangements on time. When talking to movers, be specific and let them know what services you need. If you need packing, furniture disassembling or other services, let them know. If you need a man with a van, be clear about what you want. If you have any additional questions, be free to ask.

College life is one of the most beautiful parts of life. Moving to college is both exciting and overwhelming. You know that you will love your new independent life but you are also leaving your home and your friends and family, which can make you sad. However, in these situations, the solution is to focus on positive things and everything will go smoother, including your moving tasks, removal, adjustment and other. Stay positive.