Things that you must know about relocation packages


Things that you must know about relocation packages

Moving from one place in England to another because of a job can be both exciting and scary. It is thrilling because it is a milestone that will open a new chapter of your life. On the other hand, it is frightening, as you will have to relocate and acclimate to an unknown environment while handling the entire organisation of your removal. The last part can be avoided if you manage to include a relocation package into your employment agreement.

Spousal and family assistance

During your interview, notify your potential employer that you have a family that you will be taking it with you. This way, the company will know in advance they it will have to pay for not only your expenses but the moving costs of your spouse and children as well. However, before they agree to that, they will certainly want to interview your partner in order to learn their opinion on the matter. Studies show that if an employee’s family is not happy about the move, it will most likely lead to the worker quitting, which isn’t financially unacceptable for employers. Keep in mind that the company may provide assistance into the obtaining of a work permit for your spouse and even help her/him find a job.

Pre-move visitation

Some companies offer the possibility for their new employees and their spouses to visit their new location. This is done so that they can get a better feeling of the area, explore different neighbourhoods and learn about the local real-estate market. This saves firms a significant amount of money, as they don’t have to pay expensive hotel or housing bills because most people from the needed contacts during their pre-move visitation to rent a property remotely, and therefore move in a few days after they arrive to their new area.

Moving expenses

PoundsYour relocation package will include the full coverage of your moving costs, which include:

Bear in mind that intra-city and inter-city moves in England can be quite easy and straightforward with professional removal services. If you don’t have contacts with a moving firm, you can ask your employer to refer to you a London Man with Van company.

Additional costs

Notify the company if you are expecting to have additional expenses such as punitive taxes for breach of rental agreement or utility supplier contracts. If you are planning to sell your house, know that you will also have to pay realtors fees. By sharing this information with your employer, you may have these expenses covered, as some firms are willing to take care of such costs. Furthermore, some companies walk the extra mile by providing assistance for the selling of your home and handle all mortgage payments and closing taxes.

Temporary living

Hotel SignEven if you have managed to rent a property remotely, you will still require some temporary housing upon your arrival. If that is your case, you can negotiate the coverage of a short-term lodgement. Alternatively, if you haven’t managed to find proper housing, try to negotiate a long-term housing (60 days) coverage. Most companies are willing to day for 30 days, which in most cases proves to not be insufficient, as finding a new home and moving-in in less than a month in a new environment can be quite challenging. You should also include the traveling, food and laundry expenses of you and your entire family into your relocation package.

New housing costs

Generally, companies either pay your rent directly or give you a monthly housing allowance, which should cover your rental fee. This is undoubtedly the most important part of your relocation package, so before you ask for a rental budget, make sure that you properly scout the local real-estate market and know exactly how much the living costs in your new location are. If your employer, isn’t willing to cover your rent, make sure that you negotiate a wage that is big enough to take care of your living expenses.

Largest cities in England

City County Area in km2 Population (Metropolitan area) Cost of living and Rent Index
London Greater London 8.382 c. 13.900.000 81.67
Birmingham West Midlands 598.9 c. 3.700.000 49.64
Leeds West Yorkshire 551.7 c. 780.000 50.63
Sheffield South Yorkshire 367.9 c. 1.500.000 48.70
Manchester Greater Manchester 630.3 c. 2.700.000 52.88
Liverpool Merseyside 199.6 c. 2.200.000 46.59
Bristol Bristol 110 c. 1.000.000 57.01

Curtain money

Curtain money is a one-time payment that aims to help you cover all types of moving-in expenses such as hooking up an internet connection, purchase products of first need, replacing out-of-date appliances and electronics, conducting minor repairs and etc. Since it is a one-time payment, you should negotiate its sum carefully and spend it even more diligently.

Medical insurance

The subject of medical insurance is a bit tricky, as some companies prefer to negotiate it separately and not include it into the relocation package. They act in such fashion because by setting it aside they can negotiate a personalised medical coverage that takes care of your healthcare needs and not the necessities of the other members of your family. This is why, you should do your best to make it part of the relocation package. Of course, you can always include a clause that your spouse’s medical insurance will get annulled as soon as she/he finds employment and therefore gets healthcare coverage by its employer rather than yours.

Pet relocation

PetsIf you own a pet, you shouldn’t forget to add the costs of its move into your relocation packets. This included veterinarian visitations, vaccinations and the purchase or renting of a cage.

Automobile rental expenses

Renting a car in order to reach your destination is another expense that you should negotiate into your relocation package. Some firms have company automobiles with chauffeurs who will drive you to your new location. Either way, your travelling needs should be handled and taken care of by your employer as part of your removal agreement.