Scientifically Proven Benefits of Moving House

Fresh Start

Moving into a new home is often viewed as a major life change. That is why it can be quite stressful even when it is carefully planned. In fact, scientists believe that 61% of the people living in the United Kingdom, who have went through a relocation process at least once in their life, rank that experience as one of the most stressful they have ever faced. What is more, studies show that most of us feel much calmer when starting work at a new place, having a child or getting married. That, however, is just one side of the coin. When examined on a deeper level, the negative effects that a relocation process can have on our life fade into the background as they can hardly outnumber the positive ones. No, this is not wishful thinking, but a scientifically proven fact.

Natural Memory Boost

ElephantDid you know that moving into a new house can quickly improve your memory, especially if you are aged somewhere between 40 and 60? According to a recent study, the relocation process can unlock the so-called “reminiscence bump.” For those of you who are not familiar with this term, the “reminiscence bump” is an interesting anomaly which focuses on the fact that our memories tend to be clearer and more detailed when it comes to life events that took place in our teen or young adult years. As we start approaching our 30s, however, this effect gradually slows down until it fades away completely by the time we reach 60 years of age. Nevertheless, our reminiscence bump reappears again during a big life transition, like starting a new romantic relationship, getting a new pet or retiring from work. Unsurprisingly, the moving house experience also falls into that category. Researchers have discovered that most people tend to remember their home relocation and generally the entire period in which took place, in great detail. It is said that this is because the combination of a brand new environment, a main life change and the stress that comes with it, make our brains work at a full speed. That allows us to think faster and remember events much easier than we normally do.

Meet the Better Version of You

Another amazing effect that the moving house process can have on you is to actually help you become a better person. Researchers have found that relocation naturally forces us to change our daily routine. As a result, we may adopt a new lifestyle in an attempt to bring back some balance into our everyday lives. The changes may include things like:

  • Following a healthier diet
  • Exercising more frequently
  • Socializing more with friends and showing an increased desire to create new contacts in our new environment
  • Taking walks instead of driving everywhere

This makes the time period after our home relocation the best one for breaking old habits and opening up to new ones. Unfortunately, this new better version of you will probably last for just half a year, as most people were discovered to relapse back to their old and less healthy lifestyle a few months after they moved out of their previous house.

Improved School Performance in Teens

Various previous studies show that moving house can be incredibly stressful for children and can even have a negative effect on their well-being. That is mainly due to the fact that kids can become depressed or suffer low self-esteem when snatched away from their friends and typical environment. That is usually reflected in their school performance which can witness a sudden drop right after they move into their new home. That trend, however, was found to turn the other way round once children reach a certain age. According to a different research, only kids under 15 years of age tend to be negatively affected by their family’s relocation. Beyond that age, teens become more adaptable and find it easier to fit into their new group of friends. Consequently, most children aged 15 and older are found to view the moving house process as being less stressful compared to kids who are under 15. Furthermore, mobility can even help teens boost their school performance, particularly in subjects like English and Mathematics.

Fresh Start

Fresh StartThere is no doubt that relocation is always associated with a fresh start and sometimes that is all you need to feel better and more energized. Starting from a scratch can be quite a liberating and stimulating experience, especially for people who desperately need some change in their lives or want to break away from their past and turn a new page. While moving home does not have that power on everyone, chances are it will make you feel more fulfilled at least for a while. Relocating somewhere new can give you a sense of progress. Moreover, it will allow you to feel in control of your own fate, which can be amazingly beneficial for people who feel they were on the hamster wheel for too long. Once you overcome the initial stress of the moving house process and start getting into the rhythm of your new surroundings, you will notice an improvement in your mood and you are even likely to adopt a more positive view on life.

As you can see, the moving home experience is not so terrible after all. It has been proven that relocation can improve your memory, lifestyle and mood. That, however, does not mean that you should completely ignore the warnings of scientists when it comes to the stressful effect moving house. Organizing and planning a home removal can be a challenging task. It can also make you feel quite anxious given that it often involves a lot of time and efforts. Still, you can reduce the stress that comes with a moving house process by hiring a professional domestic removal firm, like Removal Service London Ltd. In that way, you are much more likely to see only the bright side of relocation and reap all the benefits it can offer you.