Being a working woman – some tips

proficient cleaning firms We live in an age and time when women have more rights than ever before in history. That however does not mean that it is not still very tough to be a woman. Especially if you want to be strong, independent and actually after a career in… well, anything.

So, what you can do in order to achieve that?

Get your priorities right

GoalsThe thing is that when it comes to finding out what we want and what we can do in our lives, things are a bit more complicated than it may seem. More and more young people today are confused about their wishes and desires. Millennials jump from a job to a job and from a career to career more often than any other generation in history. And it is a problem that affects women as well as men. So if you want to be successful in being a modern woman, you should get your priorities straight from the start and then work hard in order to achieve your goals. We are not telling you that you have just one chance to get things right – we know perfectly well that this is nearly impossible. But the faster you do it, the better.

Do not be harsh on yourself

Failure is an inevitable part of life. There will definitely be times when you feel like nothing is going right and you would want to give up. It can be an issue with school, or at the office, or in your relationship (yes, those are important for feminists too!). So, one very important rule – never give up, always stay true to yourself. And do not be too judgemental, especially when you are judging yourself. With perseverance you can reach your goals.

Get to know the place you live in

Being acquainted with one’s own environment is rather important, especially if you want to be productive and what is more crucial – happy with your life. Not to mention the fact that if you live in a huge city such as London you will have the opportunity to see diversity in its full scale. London is a multicultural, multinational conglomerate of millions of people living in one and the same place and that is what makes it fascinating… and useful to anyone who wants to be an accomplished person. So, go out and explore what the capital has to offer to you in terms of:

  • CultureThe West End theatres for example are known as the place where the fate of the whole industry is being decided. Going to the theatre in West End is a classy thing to do, but it is also very good for the soul.
  • Landmarks – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Eye, British Museum, Tate Modern – need we say more? Nearly 20 million people from all over the world have come to London this year alone for this tourist attractions. It would be a great pity if you have not seen them yourself still.
  • The green spaces – London is the greenest capital in the world. That is a fact. No matter whether you are looking for a leisurely stroll, or you would want to picnic with friends or a significant other, or take part in some group sports – the parks of London would be perfect for it. Do you know what they would be ideal for too? For reconnecting with nature on a level that has no equal, especially considering that you will not even have to leave the city.
  • Nightlife – a modern girl needs to know how to have fun. And London is a great place to have fun too. From the clubs in Soho to some of the historic hubs that are all across the capital, you will find a place to meet people, have a few drinks and dance – and that’s every night you’d like.

Forget about the chores… at least to a certain degree

One of the main differences between the working woman and the stay-at-home-wife of the past is that today we have to juggle between the career and the household chores. Because, let’s face it, being an independent, empowered woman is no excuse to allow your home to be in disarray. There are many ways in which you can keep up with the chores while still at work, but definitely the easiest one is to just hire professional cleaners that are going to come to your place on a regular basis and make sure that everything is taken care of. The UK capitol, in particular is serviced by many reliable and proficient cleaners in London for you to choose from, so that when the time comes you can make the right choice. Having professional cleaners working for you, in our day and age, is no longer a privilege that is being enjoyed only the rich and famous. Thanks to the laws guiding the free market economy and the principles of competition, many people can now enjoy this same privilege. So, just check out which cleaning companies are currently operating on the territory around your home and make the call. It is indeed going to make your easier.

Remember one thing

A West End TheatreEven though we live in the 21st century, struggles for women are real. Careerwise you will need several years of dedication before you start earning real money (see the table below) but that’s something men and women are faced with equally. But gender bias, like it or not, is still something very real and very scary. Be mindful that sometimes you will have to prove yourself just because you are a woman. And do not forget that you should not leave any injustice unpunished. Work hard, keep your head up and be the best version of yourself you can be. That’s the trick.


Table: Average salary in UK depending on Years of Experience

Less than one year 20 541 GBP
1-4 years 23 780 GBP
5-9 years 30 737 GBP
10-19 years 36 046 GBP
20 years and more 38 754 GBP