8 Canada Square – the crown of the HSBC

8 Canada Square

HSBC is one of the largest international corporations currently in existence. Logically enough, a financial empire like this deserves equally impressive capital and the 8 Canada Square building definitely deserves the title of global headquarters of the holding.

8 Canada SquareLocated in Canary Wharf in London at the address that gives its name to the skyscraper itself, 8 Canada Square rises at 200 meters or 45 floors in total. The construction of the building was commenced in 1999 and the project was completed in 2001. HSBC moved their headquarters here in the same year.

The beginnings

The initial proposal for the construction of what was to become 8 Canada Square came in 1995 though it was a few years later when the proposal was actually approved by the City of London as well as the management of the holding. The thing was that in 1993 the holding permanently moved their head offices from Hong Kong to London. For some time after that thousands of employees of the company worked scattered all over London, which was not a situation best for the interests of the company. The need for new head-offices was evident and finally the current lot at Canary Wharf was chosen and approved.

The architect

The management of the important project was entrusted to one of the most celebrated contemporary British Architects, then Sir Norman Foster, now Lord Foster of Thames Bank. He designed 8 Canada Square and oversaw the construction together with the people from the structural engineering company Arup. The construction of the skyscraper began in January 1999. The topping out ceremony, which celebrated the completion of the work, took place on 7 March 2001. It took several more months for the employees of  HSBC’s to move in. The first official work day at 8 Canada Square was 2 September 2001.

Some notable facts about 8 Canada Square

The headquarters of HSBC are just as impressive as the corporation itself. Here are several key facts about the building:

  • Office space — 102,190 square metres (1,100,000 sq ft).
  • Floors – 42 above ground.
  • Staff restaurant – 850 seater facility. Coincidentally it is the largest of staff restaurant in Europe, serving around 2,500 meals daily.
  • Concrete – 180,000 tons.
  • Steel – 14,000 tons.
  • Glass – 45,000 square metres or 484,200 square feet (44,980 m2).

Find HSBC across London

Canary Wharf from afarNaturally, if you want a consultation or do business with the HSBC holding, there is no need for you to go to Canary Wharf. The holding has offices working with clients scattered all across London for your convenience. Some of the most important among them are:

  • HSBC at 31 Euston Road
  • HSBC Bank plc at 25 Notting Hill Gate
  • HSBC at 333 Vauxbridge Road
  • HSBC at 165 Fleet Street
  • HSBC at 196 Oxford Street
  • HSBC at 133 Regent Street

These are only a small portion of the offices that you can visit to do business with HSBC. Make sure to check out if there are such in your immediate vicinity as well – chances are there are.