Build a better home for you and your family – here’s how you do it

Now that you have finally moved into your new house or apartment, it is time to make the adjustments necessary to turn the place from a mere property into the home of your dreams. With the skyrocketing rent and purchase prices that we all have to pay in recent years, it would be a shame…


Things that you must know about relocation packages

Things that you must know about relocation packages Moving from one place in England to another because of a job can be both exciting and scary. It is thrilling because it is a milestone that will open a new chapter of your life. On the other hand, it is frightening, as you will have to…

Pound coins

The Biggest Banks in UK 2017

There is a sea of banks and financial institutions operating in the UK. Some are of British origin, having been around for many years, while others have only reached UK shores in the last few decades, with yet new players entering the scene! So how to navigate your way around and find the best bank…

Move in dorm

Tips to guide you when moving to a dorm

Going off to college and moving away from your home to a dorm is exciting. You are probably thinking of all new opportunities that go hand in hand with your new life. You will expand your knowledge and learn new things, you will meet new friends and just enjoy your college life. All of this…


Managing Your Finances

Most people do not consider themselves to be wealthy. That being said they rarely think about how they would “control” their finances using a third party. This whole idea seems very distant for most and the way it sounds alienates folks even more. This is something we think is natural only to rich people who…

Fresh Start

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Moving House

Moving into a new home is often viewed as a major life change. That is why it can be quite stressful even when it is carefully planned. In fact, scientists believe that 61% of the people living in the United Kingdom, who have went through a relocation process at least once in their life, rank…

British Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the birthplace of HSBC

The “Fragrant harbor” has had a fascinating past, that has led to the many factors that motivated Sir Thomas Sutherland to open the HSBC there. Today due to its unusual status it is an attractive home to a flock of companies from around the world. Early history Traces of human activity on the island can…

HSBC Private Bank

Sir Thomas Sutherland – the father of HSBC

The name of Sir Thomas Sutherland is connected to one of the largest banking empires in the world at the present moment. The prominent Scotsman went down in history as the founder of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking corporation, which, a century and a half after its establishment, is known as the HSBC Holding plc….

8 Canada Square

8 Canada Square – the crown of the HSBC

HSBC is one of the largest international corporations currently in existence. Logically enough, a financial empire like this deserves equally impressive capital and the 8 Canada Square building definitely deserves the title of global headquarters of the holding. Located in Canary Wharf in London at the address that gives its name to the skyscraper itself,…

HSBC Building in London

HSBC – the early history

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services companies not only in London, but also in the world as a whole. Today it has offices in well over 80 countries all across the globe and the total assets of the company reach 2.67 trillion US dollars. But becoming one of the largest and…